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  • New music video for up and coming Afghani artist SHAFIQ KHAN. This video was shot on an overcast Frrreezing day last December, don't believe the....


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  • Ustad Mahwash And Wahid Qasimi Ai Ashiqan AhenaTawab Arash Ashiqe Man RoshaniNaim Popal Hazar Ta Ashiq Shabname AshqMahbobula Mahbob Shori Ashiq Majlisi GhazalFarhad Darya Digar Barah Ghabilaye AshiqMirwais And Bareq Srood Ashiqana MastiAshiq TuNajim Goshai Maikhana AshiquiHashmat Ehsanmand Mulk Aashiqi Feroza BanuHashmat Ehsanmand Aashiq E Nakam Feroza BanuNawid Sahel Ashiq SadafKhaliq Aziz Sta Ashiq Du QhadamWahid Sabri Ashiqa Dewana Sho Dokhtare KabulHabib Qaderi Ashiq SHodam For My PeopleFarhad Darya Ghabilaye Ashiq Ghabilaye AshiqNajim May Khyal Ho AshiquiFarhad Darya Zakhem Hejran Ghabilaye AshiqFarhad Darya Chasheme Tu Ghabilaye AshiqKhalid Nasiri Ashiqhi SabzinaFaiz Karizi Ashiqam Sabza Ba NazFarhad Darya Shoughi Daroon Ghabilaye AshiqFarhad Darya Rozi Bazar Ghabilaye AshiqFarhad Darya Sitari Sham Ghabilaye AshiqAshiq Yani Hama ChezNajim Ashiqan Baydel AshiquiWahid Sabri Ashiq Pesha Dokhtare KabulNajim Harshab AshiquiNajim Sarway Gorezpa AshiquiAashiqUstad Zalant Ahmad Wali Ashiqam Album

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