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  • It was year 1974 and young Ahmad Wali took the center stage at Iran's annual Shiraz Grand Master's of Music concert. Wearning traditional afghan clothes, he walked onto the stage with utmost confidence and bowed to the audiences. Not many knew this young chap from Afghanistan who had participated in the Grand Master's concert. The song he had chosen was 'Ahang-i Gulistan' (The Music of Flowerland). Once Ahmad Wali started singing it was evident to millions of Iranians and Afghans why he was chosen to represent Afghanistan along side Ustaad Yaqub Qasimi and many other Ustaads in this festival of music powerhouse.

    Ahmad Wali returned back to Afghanistan from his trip to Shiraz and was greeted with utmost fanfare. He had made the whole country proud for his musical talents. Ahmad Wali became a common house hold name in Afghanistan and frequent air time on Afghan Radio was dedicated to him. Later when TV arrived people wanted to see how this musical sensation looked like. And ofcourse as beautiful as his voice, he also looked charmingly handsome and won the heart of then afghan female musical sensation Hangama.

    Hangama and Ahmad Wali were married in Kabul, Afghanistan and performed several duets on national TV, before they eventually fled the country in early 1980's due to Russian occupation of Afghanistan. They found their new home in the United States and maintained their popularity amongst Afghans by releasing several albums on cassettes.

    As the Afghans started fleeing the country post soviet occupation, people felt a sense of abondonment of their homeland and a grief of deminishing old wonderdays of afghanistan overcast every afghan heart. There was something about Ahmad Wali's voice that comforted the heart of the grieving Afghan diaspora. His cassettes were sold or distributed in millions and to this day he is considered one of the best Afghan musicians of Afghan music industry.

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