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  • Ahmad Zahir - considered as the ultimate legend and king of Afghan music industry was born in a prominent family of ministers, doctors and engineers in Kabul Afghanistan (1946). He attened lycee Habibia and as a student he was active performing in school events. After graduating from school, he was sent to India by his father Dr. Abdul Zahir, a prominent court doctor, minister of health and later prime minister of Afghanistan during the reign of King Zahir Shah.

    Upon arrival in India, Ahmad Zahir showed little interest in pursuing medicine and instead he chose to study music in Patialla of Hindustan - which was then known as the hub for the classical music center. Dr. Abdul Zahir tried many times to dissuade the young Ahmad Zahir from pursuing music but the legend himself knew of his passion and his talent and instead chose to pursue his dream. Upon returning back to Afghanistan he had to join the Afghan army as a reservist in training. Back in the day, every Afghan over a certain age had to join the army and Ahmad Zahir's influential family status did not exclude him from such compulsory duty.

    According to my father and many of his colleagues who were also in the same unit as Ahmad Zahir, the young Zahir would sing and play harmonium, accordion and many other musical instruments while in army barracks. Nights would turn into day and the army recurits would simply spend every night sitting around Ahmad Zahir as he sung some of the well known poems of Mawlana Jalaludin Balkhi. In my dad's words, it felt as if the poems of Mawlana has come to life. The voice of Ahmad Zahir made those words, written hundreds of years ago to dance in a vivid melody of bonfire. It resonated the pain, the love, the dreams, the hardships, the struggles, the joys and sorrows of Mawlana and the rest of the humanity. The voice of Ahmad Zahir was a magical anaesthetic that brought comfort to every heart - irrespective of age or gender. It was a voice that has lived through the test of time. The young Ahmad Zahir lived during the times of Elvis Presley and the beattles and his fashion was greatly influenced by the western artists.

    After graduation from the army services, Ahmad Zahir bought a one bedroom apartment in shari-now's "Nazook Meer" apartments. Those who lived in the vicinity of his apartments describe the days when public would line up to get a glimpse of this Afghan marvel. Music echoed from his apartment on regular basis and none of the neighbours complained of the continuous beat of the drums or lively sounds of his accordion - because every beat had the same effected as the Pied Piper of Hamlen.

    The emergence of radio afghanistan and afghan television meant that now millions of Afghans across the country could hear this legendary vocalist. Every kid in Afghanistan grew up to the hypnotizing music of Ahmad Zahir. Every kid, every youth and every adult knew the lyrics of every song. The heart wrenching poems of Mawlana that described his mystic love affairs turned into a living magical realism. Time broke down into its quanta and mysticisim merged into realism.

    During his life, Ahmad Zahir also travelled extensively. After getting married and having his first son, Rishad Zahir, they travelled to Seattle, Washington. Upon his return from the 'west' the young Zahir was greeted with an unexpected twist of fate. As Afghans baked in the comfort of Ahmad Zahir's music, the daughter of a prominent and ruthless minister fell in love with Ahmad Zahir. It was nothing out of the ordinary, as millions of other afghan women were in love with him, but the minister's daughter was willing to elope. Although much of the details are still classified and unknown to the public, one of Ahmad Zahir's friends pusuaded Zahir to travel by road to another province. It was a planned and commission assassination plot by the minster. Somewhere on the way the king of Afghan music, the legend of the hearts, the magician of the souls, the vocalist of the mind was murdured in broad day light.

    News of Ahmad Zahir rattled every Afghan household on a richter scale that could be compared to worst natural disasters in human history. Millions of Afghans marched the streets of kabul in vigil silence and cacophony of crying hearts as his shroud draped body was taken to his final resting place. The legend was killed but his voice could not be subdued. Today it has been almost 40 years since Ahmad Zahir was assassinated but every Afghan still play his music. In the times of digital age, his name is still the number #1 searched word for afghan music or afghan artist. Websites dedicated to Ahmad Zahir recieves thousands of hits per day.

    Often times I wonder if Ahmad Zahirs untimely dead may have been the reason for his music that has lived amongst every afghan for so long. And as I wonder and listen to the music of Ahmad Zahir, it becomes clear that even if he had lived today, he would have still wore the crown of 'Sar-taji Music'.

    AfghanBuzz.com dedicates this webpage to the grand master of Afghan music and his beautiful family. Although AfghanBuzz had some minor, unprovoked, unnecessary and immature differences of opinion with his son, Rishad Zahir, we still love, admire and wish a healthy and prosperous life to his decendants (that includes Rishad Zahir :-).

    Long live King Ahmad Zahir's memory and music !

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