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  • Aryana Sayeed is an Afghan music star currently living in London, England. She started her career in the Afghan music scence in 2009 by using social media platform myspace as an outlet to post her songs. From there, her fan base grew and in 2010 she released her first music video titled "Mashallah" in collaboration with Khiza Music. It was an instant hit and soared to #1 position in Afghan music charts. Mashallah's beats were very unique and contained a blend of turkish music.

    What made Aryana Sayeed's music unique was that she stepped at the afghan music scene when there was a much needed afghan female vocalist with superior singing abilities. Prior to her, there were many other afghan singers (dating back to 1950's) but Aryana Sayeed catered to the young Afghan populace and she had the voice to back her claim to instant fame. Infact, she became the voice of the new Afghan generation.

    Aryana Sayeed had posted in one of her blog that despite her regular job, she constantly rehearsed and performed to friends and families prior to her soaring popularity. It was the unswerved dedication and commitment to her music that she was able to impress the entire country with her musical talents.

    Recently Aryana Sayeed toured north america with Habib Qaderi and she was able to sing some of the toughest Afghan songs with utmost ease and great elegance. Afghans embraced her talent and now she is a sweet heart in every household.

    In the above CD, you can listen to Aryana Sayeed's "Mashallah, Yallah Yallah, Tark, Beya Beya, Ahesta Meri, Afghan Pesarak and Jelwa" songs. wishes Aryana Sayeed a life full of success and musical prosperity.

  • Members of the Afghan Community and the team would appreciate it if you coud assist us with Aryana Sayeed biography. Please email [email protected] with updates on Aryana Sayeed. Tashakor !

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