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  • Farhad Darya (Nasher) was born in Kabul Afghanistan in the year 1962. Farhad Darya is best known for his multifaceted style of music that includes ghazals, contemporary hip hop, rock, pop etc. Farhad Darya started his career as a solo artist but soon joined the Gorohee Baran (The Rain Band). Infact he is the only artist from that band that has retained his popularity and fame.

    Farhad Darya is a music artist who brings wholesome and completeness to being an artist. He writes his own music, composes his own music, manages his own music and has relentlessly made an effort to use his voice, calibre and fan base to promote unity amongst Afghans.

    Although Farhad Darya is a native Farsi speaker, he also performs in various other languages such as Uzbeki, Pashto and English. He was born in Kunduz province of Afghanistan in the lineage of Shir Khan family, whose name is bestowed upon an hydro-electric dam in Afghanistan - Sher Khan Bander.

    Farhad Darya has won numerous awards that includes best album of the year, best song of the year, best male artist, best all time male artist etc.

    He is currently a UN good will Ambassador to Afghanistan and has opened several orphanages to help the poor and needy of Afghanistan.

    To read more about Farhad Darya's illustrous career, please visit his website : Farhaddarya.info

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