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  • Back in the old days of Afghan Radio a young singer appeared on the radio who was unwilling to give his name to the radio. Legend has it that his father, a prominent Afghan doctor wanted his son to enter Medical school and out of utmost fear for the wrath of his father, this young singer decided to keep his identity secret. The music that was played on radio was simply titled - Unknown artist. The songs were absolutely masterpieces. Each one a smash hit after other with the Afghan Populace. Even old news papers would mention the songs but with a big question mark on the identity of the singer.

    From there the name "Nashenas" (Unknown) became the official name of this afghan legend - Nashenas. Infact his father became a fan of Nashenas and not knowing that the young singer on the radio was actually his son. Later on when his identity was revealed his father embraced Nashena's career choice and admired the talents that his son was born with.

    Afghans from southern to northern, from eastern to western provinces of Afghanistan flocked to see concerts of Nashenas. Back in the glory days of Afghanistan under the kingdom of Zahir Shah there used to be annual Musical camps in Kabul. It is being said that aside from the popular camps of Ahmad Zahir and Ustaad Sarahang, Nashenas had the third most following.

    Nashenas was married in Kabul. Funny thing is his wife, many many years younger than him had a total crash on him and had promised her school friends that one day she would marry Nashenas (my mom used to be in the same class as Nashenas's wife). And indeed she did marry Nashenas :-) .

    To pen down a few thoughts about Nashenas's music calibre would require ample space, because he is the self taught ustaad of music. From raag to contemporary folklore he is considered one of the master's. Although he is a native pashto speaker, but he also sings in farsi.

    One of my favorite nashenas song is 'Dara ba Dara - Hawai Paghman ba Dara, Desmali Negar Shawom ke Badem Bobara, Badem Bobara Ba Soye Yarim Bobara, Sar Ba Baghalish Banom Ke Khabom Bobara" [Transliteration - From Valley to Vally - The beautiful air in the Valley of Paghman, I wish I could become a scarf of my lover, so when the wind blows it could take me to her, and I would put my head on her shoulder and sleep in peace ]. Ofcourse there are many songs of Nashenas that will be remembered for eons to come, but this particular one is one of my favorites from my early childhood. wishes a life of health and longevity for Nashenas and to charish his musical career, we have placed some music albums for your enjoyment.

  • Members of the Afghan Community and the team would appreciate it if you coud assist us with Nashenas biography. Please email [email protected] with updates on Nashenas. Tashakor !

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