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  • Sediq Shabab (Last name can also be spelled as Shobab, Schubab, Schobab, Shubab) is a popular Afghan singer whose parents hail from Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan. Sediq's brother, Tahir Shobab is also a prominent Afghan singer. Sediq Shobab's musical work are often collaborations with Kayhan Studios.

    Sediq has released several albums and he is able to sing in various languages. He is fluent in Faris as well as in Pashto. Although being from Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan, Sediq's family has moved extensively in pashto speaking provinces of Afghanistan, such as Ningarhar , Jallalabad , Ghazni etc.

    Sediq Shobab and his brother Tahir Shobab are credited with a new genre of music that is a blend of folkloric traditional music mixed with the contemporary beats of Khalid Kayhan. Futhermore, the lyrics of the songs are unlike other Afghan songs. Most of the Afghan musicians use words that are different from the local Afghan dialect. They use words from the literature that many of the young Afghan diaspora living in the west may not understand. Sediq's music has an appeal to many younger Afghans, since he sings in the language of the common man. His latest music video is titled Sanaubar and is a collaboration with Kayhan studios. The song lyrics uses words such as Dilm Awgar Kadee.... Rafeeqee Sarim Zar Kadee ... Az Khabi Giran Bidar kadee ... Mohtaaj Ba Deedar Kadee ... which are fun word plays that are spoken in the language of common Afghan populace. Which I believe adds to the appeal and excitement of his music.

    Most of the music videos of Sediq Shobab involve Sediq sitting in a gathering of men and as they clap and rejoice, Sediq tells the story of love and heartbreak.

    Shediq Shobab currently lives in Frankfurt Germany and travels extensively around the world for concerts, promotions and weddings. team wishes Sediq jan a very happy, prosperous and prolific life. We will always wait anxiously for his musical work.

  • Members of the Afghan Community and the team would appreciate it if you coud assist us with Sediq Shubab biography. Please email [email protected] with updates on Sediq Shubab. Tashakor !

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