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  • Valy is an afghan/iranian music artist currently living in Germany. Valy was born in Iran to Afghan parents and later resettled as immigrants in europe. Valy's meteroic rise to fame started with the release of his first music single - Bia Tu followed by many other super hits such as Ahmad Zahir's zim zim, Dilbar-e mehraban, Dost dokhtar etc.

    Valy is currently releasing his latest music album titled Crazy in Love which contains a mix of Dari, farsi and pashto songs. Valy has made several appearances in various afghan tv stations and he has constantly championed his fans to pursue their dreams.

    Valy is an artist who despite heights of popularity has maintained a humble public image. He is soft spoken, always appreciative of people's comments and opinions and has tried to bring the much needed innovation to the Afghan music industry. Valy's emergence as a music star has influenced many other upcoming Afghan singers to follow in the foot steps of Valy and bring creative and new ideas to the Afghan music scene. There were wide spread rumors that valy was dating Mariam morid. Although we cannot confirm nor deny such rumors, one thing is clear that many afghan girls, young and old have fallen hard for Valy's sensational music style and his humble personality. wishes Valy a life long success in the music industry.

  • Members of the Afghan Community and the team would appreciate it if you coud assist us with Valy biography. Please email [email protected] with updates on Valy. Tashakor !

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